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Let’s say you flush the toilet and the bathtub drain gurgles. A toilet has a whoosh of water flowing through it. A flush disperses air out and comes through the tub when there’s an obstruction somewhere in the toilet’s way.

 That means your main plumbing line is getting ready to back up and cause a big mess—usually in your basement where a puddle might be forming already around the floor drain. Most people notice a basement drain back up when the HVAC unit pulls a sewer smell from the return air and circulates it throughout the home.

 Sewer lines used to be much longer than the 3-4 feet they are now. Every joint is another weakened area where it is vulnerable. A camera inspection looks for the cause, which could be tree roots or flushed baby wipes, something ran down garbage disposal or a Barbie doll’s head.

 If you have a ghost flushing your toilet, you need plumbing repairs.

The ghost flush—the toilet runs when no one is in the bathroom. That’s the sound of your toilet filling. Either the fill valve or flapper is failing. The tank is losing enough water to cause it to refill itself. If the fill valve breaks and the flapper is still in place, the toilet overflows from back of tank. So don’t ignore the ghost flush, get it fixed soon. You don’t want to come home from work to find your toilet has been flooding your home all day.

 If you turn on a fixture and pipes all over the house rattle, you need plumbing repairs.

Bathtubs and washing machines pull many gallons a minute, taxing pipes with volume. If you turn on a fixture and the pipes rattle loudly, it’s a sign the washer on the stem is bad. That horrible racquet is your pipes vibrating—vibration strong enough to break a pipe. Loud rattling pipes need to be checked immediately. Otherwise vibration can break pipes elsewhere especially at vulnerable connection areas.

Some plumbing repairs can be handled before any water damage is done to your home, if you know what to look for. And then there are plumbing emergencies that demand a plumber fast. Troubleshooting or coming to the rescue, United’s plumbers are always on call any time, day or night.


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