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That’s just great. Not only have you spilled coffee on your shirt, but now you’ve got a major plumbing disaster on your hands. Think sewer lines backing up, toilet overflowing and the valve breaks off, etc. If you don’t get a plumber pronto, there’s going to be a lot more ruined than just your day. Think carpet, flooring, sheetrock, ceiling damage, etc.

Unless you have a trusted family member or have a local plumber on speed dial, your first response is probably searching Google. Calling the top or first fewlocal plumber listings on the page is the second thing you doYou know you’re taking a big chance on a plumber you don’t know, but come on! You have water gushing in your home or business!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Sometimes that’s the best you can do in an emergency. However, if that local plumber’s work falls short of your expectations, chances are you’ll be on the hunt for another plumber.

Here are five things to know before hiring one:

1. Check license and reviews A license doesn’t guarantee quality and skilling plumbing work. But at minimum, at least you know the plumber has had some training and passed a plumbing skills test. Take the time to read reviews, but don’t base your decision on them. Use reviews to get a general sense of the local plumber’s reputation.

2. Getting a few estimates will help you get your money’s worth The tricky part about comparing estimates is determining what price to pay for quality plumbing work. Remember, if it’s sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The best plumber isn’t going to be the cheapest. Maintaining quality tools, licensing, proper insurance, bonding and the like has its cost and this isn’t where to skimp.

3. Check how the plumber rates on the cleanliness scale Granted, plumbing is a dirty job. But a professional knows this and is always prepared with a fresh shirt in the truck. A plumber who pays attention to appearance will most likely clean up after the job and leave your home clean too.

4. Gauge the level of professionalism This plumber will be working in your home. Maybe when you’re away. Perhaps in your bathroom. Trust your instinct, and if something tells you that they aren’t trustworthy, find someone else. This is your home, and you deserve peace of mind!

5. Plumbing workmanship is a catch-22 It’s impossible to judge a plumber’s workmanship before any work is done. Even then, shoddy plumbing can go unnoticed for months or even years. This is where reviews come in handy and a workmanship warranty. Work should be covered and the plumber should be willing to fix any wrongs. Installation procedures can impact durability. The nicest, best quality fixture can be ruined with poor installation.

Want a local plumber that you can trust? Schedule a plumbing appointment with United Heating, Cooling and AC! Below are a few reasons that we’re Kansas City’s top choice for local plumbing solutions:

* Our plumbers put customers first. Yeah, yeah…you’ve heard that before from other plumbing companies. So we’ll prove it. Our plumbers are known for coming to the rescue during a plumbing catastrophe. They’re also just as savvy when it comes to stopping the drip or leak that’s driving you up the wall. The point is that our plumbers are ready and trained for anything. Putting you first means solving the plumbing issue right the first time, and cleaning up after ourselves is a given.

* We do what it takes to make things right. By its very nature, plumbing is not an exact science with an exact solution when something goes awry. A great plumber (read: a very busy plumber) is an experienced problem solver first and foremost. United’s plumbers are preferred because we think on their feet. And when things don’t quite work out the way they want, they don’t give up. They don’t believe in temporary fixes. They stay on the job till it’s finished and don’t complain.

* We handle everything plumbing-related from residential to commercial and from repair to full installations. This is a peace of mind element of plumbing that is rare to come by. It cuts down on your time when you have one plumbing company you can call on for anything. Specialists are fine in some fields like doctors, but your plumbing is best served by one company that knows your systems and your history.

* We stand behind our work and the parts and systems we install or repair. A warranty is only as good as the company offering it. Every plumbing service we touch is covered by our warranty. The parts and labor are covered up to a specific time, well beyond what’s necessary to account for plumber errors.

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