6 Plumbing Problems You Should Leave to the Professionals

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You consider yourself pretty handy. You like to get stuff done on your own, and you don’t like to depend on others to help you with repair or maintenance tasks. So you replace the light bulbs and shingles, mount new doors or windows, and build garden sheds all on your own.

However, recently you’ve had trouble with more complicated household features, like your plumbing. And while you might think you can handle the repairs, you have a feeling you should exercise caution. After all, you may not have dealt with plumbing problems before, and you don’t want to damage your pipes or the materials around them.

Below, we’ve given you a list of plumbing problems that you should leave to the professionals instead of tackling yourself.

1. Leaking Pipes

You should not repair leaky pipes on your own for several reasons. First, you might have to tear through walls, floors, or ceilings to get to the leak, and you could cause extensive and expensive damage if you don’t have experience. You may also misjudge the leak’s location and end up ripping out more drywall than you intended. A professional would not have this problem.

Second, you may need a welding torch to make repairs, depending on the kind of pipes in your home. Many homes contain copper pipes, which you can’t repair with duct tape or glue. So if you don’t know how to use a blowtorch, call the experts.

Finally, you might not have the tools to adequately dry out the area and prevent mold and mildew growth. So don’t try this repair yourself. Leave it to someone with training and expertise.

2. Frozen or Burst Pipes

If your pipes have frozen, you can’t use a hair dryer or other heat source to thaw them. This is because the ice inside your plumbing expands and cracks the pipes that contain it. Once the ice thaws, you may have a flood on your hands. To prevent this from happening, contact a plumber in your area to handle the thawing process and minimize damage to your property.

You’ll need an emergency plumber if your frozen pipes have already burst and flooded your home. This professional can help you remove the water, dry your belongings, and make the necessary repairs.

3. Large Clogs in Toilets or Trains

As clogs develop, they exert increasing pressure on the plumbing materials around them. If you try to remove these plugs with plungers or drain cleaner fluid, you could damage your pipes and create a leak. If you’ve already plunged your sink or toilet a few times to no avail, leave your plumbing alone and call an expert to assist you.

4. Running Toilets

Sometimes you can fix a running toilet by simply adjusting the flush valve inside the tank. But if your toilet continues to run no matter what you fiddle with, you should repress your creative DIY feelings and let an experienced plumber handle the problem. Your toilet may have an underlying design flaw that you can’t fix on your own.

5. Any Water Heater Issues

You wouldn’t play with fire unless you felt confident doing so. Think of water heater repairs the same way. These appliances contain sensitive heating elements and electrical components that could react dangerously if you handle them the wrong way. Keep yourself and your home safe—call your plumber.

6. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure could occur for a variety of reasons. It may happen because you have a leak somewhere in your system, or it could manifest because you have a clog deep in your plumbing. In any case, you probably lack the tools and the skills to rectify the problem. So, just as you would for any other problem on this list, let your preferred HVAC company make the repair.


The DIY option may seem attractive, especially if you have a tight budget. However, unless you have experience with plumbing, you could do more harm than good, and then you may have a more expensive problem on your hands. Leave the above problems to the professionals so you can keep your life stress-free.

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  • Kenneth Gladman


    We are building a home this summer and have had problems with leaking and frozen pipes in the past. I would love to invest in some insulated piping to help prevent this in the future. It can be a real hassle to deal with.


    • Jeff Madden


      Kenneth, sorry for the delayed response. Just give us a call if we can help.


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