Changing Your Furnace Air Filter

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If our residential heating technicians have seen it once, they’ve seen it a thousand times—dirty furnace filters or super thick filters not only increase furnace wear and tear, but also fail to keep dust and allergens from circulating through your home. Changing filters every three months is the rule. However in winter, filters may need changing more often since the furnace is running more for longer periods of time.

One-inch filters are the norm. But many people are using the thicker, pleated filters like the 3M ultra allergen version. Pleated filters offer the most health benefits. They also have limitations. They require changing more often because they get dirty quicker, causing your furnace to work harder to push air through. BUT…let us repeat that they have the most health benefits!

Another option for trapping dust and allergens is investing in a four-inch filter. Lennox offers a hospital grade four-inch filter that catches bacteria and viruses. They can be pricey, but worth the cost if you have certain health issues that are worsened by dust and allergens. Installing a four-inch filter requires our residential heating technicians to reconfigure your filter slot to accommodate the larger size and add a door to enclose the filter. It’s a pretty quick and simple process.

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