Contractors Trust United to Install HVAC Systems

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Residential Heating & Cooling Installation for New Construction

Some of the most well-known and respected new homebuilders in Kansas City call on United for residential heating and cooling installation. After all, they know the integrity and quality of the new home’s systems reflect on them, not the subcontractor. As a homebuilder you’ve got to have a company you can count on to do the entire job right.

Our professional and downright courteous residential heating and cooling technicians are more than happy to meet with other contractors or the homeowner to answer any questions and resolve any challenges during construction. United has an impressive showroom where your customer can view upgrade options and learn more about high-efficiency and accessory options that are available.

Subcontracting residential heating and cooling requires trust. Trust that our HVAC experts know what they’re doing. Trust that we’re using high quality systems and parts that last. Trust that we’ll stand behind our heating and cooling systems and workmanship. We’ve been earning builders’ trust since we opened our doors and we’ve never disappointed a builder or homeowner because we take heating and cooling installation up a notch, or two…

  • United designs heat loads for an inside temperature of 75° F and an outside temperature of 100° F. These temperature parameters are based at the location of the thermostat
  • All of our thermostats are programmable and installed with all heat pump applications and air conditioners
  • We run our own low voltage wire (10) to both the thermostats and outdoor units to ensure proper thermostat placement. The extra wires make is easier for homeowners to upgrade in the future.
  • While the industry standard for the difference between the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature is 20º, we calculate a 25º difference
  • In an electric heat pump system all rectangular duct in basement (supply and return) is internally lined to maintain duct temperature per industry standards.
  • Every installation goes through a rigorous quality control check after rough in and finish work are complete

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