Evaluating Commercial Furnace Systems

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There are so many factors, specifications and nuances to selecting the best commercial heating system. Square footage, unique environments (such as hospitals, labs, mixed use areas, server rooms), energy efficiency and more must be taken into account when selecting a commercial heating system. And the duct system can ultimately play a big roll in the system’s efficiency. That’s why United Heating Cooling & Plumbing has a custom duct work shop!

In design/spec commercial heating projects, the engineers responsible for the building’s integrity specify the commercial heating system to be installed. Once the commercial heating equipment is chosen, United’s commercial heating technicians take over with the installation process. Since commercial heating is so different than residential systems, the installation requires a level of sophisticated knowledge. Typically, the construction or engineering firm contracts out the commercial heating installation to companies they know can handle the job, like United Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.

In design/build projects, again the engineers control the choice of commercial heating system. However, under a design/build there are several systems on the market that can be considered, like ductless systems. It’s common for engineers to consult commercial heating technicians on new technologies or the feasibility of certain systems in an environment. Specifications are not a proven science. What a commercial heating system is touted to do has only performed in manufactured perfect conditions. Commercial environment conditions aren’t always perfect. Having serviced and maintained commercial heating systems in the real world, commercial HVAC technicians bring the benefit of real-world experience to a project.

Most heating systems are uniquely tailored to their spaces. Therefore, when or if the time comes to replace the system, the same type is used. For example, if a 15-ton system is taken out. A 15-ton commercial heating system is put back in.

Dong this requires specialized knowledge to repair and maintain the overall system. That’s why it’s crucial to only hire qualified commercial technicians for service and maintenance work. Your technician has to have experience in diagnosing commercial heating problems and repairing all the leading manufacturers’ commercial systems.

The goal, once installed, is to extend the life of the commercial heating system for as long as possible. Scheduled routine commercial system maintenance is key to this goal. Contract commercial maintenance plans should be thorough and well documented to avoid any disruption of business or premature system replacement due to failure.

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