Healthy Air Helps Employees Stay Healthy

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Every employer is trying to determine ways to keep employees healthy to keep costs down. Humidity, air freshness and air purity can affect your staff’s health. United installs several types of commercial indoor air quality systems.  Some insurance companies may give employers credit for an indoor air quality system – it’s worth asking!


Air Purifiers: Ultraviolet Lights

In the 1930s, it was discovered that ultraviolet (UV) lighting could alter the DNA of microorganisms, rendering them harmless. Since then, this technology has been refined to produce the ultimate air disinfectant. When placed at strategic points in your heating and cooling system, UV lights minimize the impact of live, harmful micro-organisms circulating through your facility’s air.

The benefits of ultraviolet lights are:

  • A reduction of illnesses from airborne bacteria and viruses
  • A reduction of allergens such as fungi and molds
  • A reduction of odors caused by biological contamination in HVAC systems
  • An increase in the effectiveness of humidifiers and filters by disinfecting air as it is cooled or heated

High Efficiency Air Cleaners

Most furnace filters are one inch thick and only trap between 5% and 15% of airborne particles. While some expensive newer furnace filters are much more effective, a high efficiency air cleaner can trap much more — between 80% and 99% of all airborne particles in your building (depending on the size and type of the particles).

An air cleaner not only keeps your facility healthy, it helps protect computers and equipment too by reducing the amount of dust in the air. You’ll be amazed at the difference! Desks, equipment and computers will stay cleaner longer. United offers electronic and media (filter-based) air cleaners, and HEPA air filtration systems.

The benefits of high efficiency air cleaners:

  • Greatly reduces airborne particulate – up to 99% efficiency on pollen and spores
  • Helps keep your office cleaner
  • Minimal maintenance

United offers a great selection of air cleaners including:

  • Trane CleanEffects
  • Dynamic
  • Honeywell
  • Aprilaire
  • Honeywell (HEPA)

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