HVAC Service Tips: How to Select the Right Contractor

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One of the most valuable HVAC service tips you’ll ever get is the tip that leads to the right HVAC contractor. With a HVAC technician you can trust, you’ll always receive fast and professional HVAC maintenance or repair service. Tips are a dime a dozen though, so how can you go about finding an HVAC company you can rely on for years to come?

Like finding any other service contractor, start with asking people you know which HVAC service companies they’ve been happy with in the past. HVAC service tips from friends and neighbors will help you narrow down the companies to call. Many HVAC companies, United Heating, Cooling & Plumbing included, allow you to request specific service technicians. HVAC service recommendations for both the company and the technician makes many customers feel more at ease with their choice.

To narrow down your HVAC service companies to one, ask each about their pricing and policies. Find out what their pricing is for service charges, both emergency and routine maintenance. Ask whether or not the HVAC technician’s work is guaranteed and for how long. Expect the best, but prepare for the worst. Always ask what could possibly happen to void the guarantee and next steps to resolve any problems that arise.

If you’re dealing with new construction or an HVAC installation, determine if the HVAC company offers extended warranties on service and equipment. Not only are extended warranties a good idea, but you’ll need to know exactly who performs any service or maintenance work under that warranty.

Some smaller HVAC companies offer extended warranties, but subcontract the ongoing service or maintenance work. Installation work is far more profitable than maintenance work, but customers usually prefer to work with one HVAC contractor for the long haul, provided they’re satisfied with the installation to begin with.

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