Preventive Maintenance

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To keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency and to help assure longer, trouble-free heating and cooling, industry experts recommend a minimum of two visits per year to perform preventive maintenance on your system. We do too!

Just like with your car, preventive maintenance helps keep your system operating reliably, safely and at peak efficiency. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that it will be working when you need it most. And, you’ll receive preferential service scheduling and a 15% discount should you need any repairs.


  • Check and adjust automatic controls
  • Clean burners
  • Adjust combustion for optimum fuel efficiency
  • Lubricate as needed
  • Test for combustion leaks
  • Test safety shut-off response
  • Check blower belt wear, tension and alignment
  • Check flue for satisfactory operation and venting
  • Replace standard 1″ filter (FREE! Discounts available on specialty filters)

Air Conditioner/Heat Pump

  • Clean condenser coil if necessary
  • Check electrical connections for tightness
  • Adjust system for optimum efficiency
  • Check for oil and refrigerant leaks
  • Check blower belt wear, tension and alignment
  • Check expansion valve and coil temperatures
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Check condensation drain
  • Lubricate as needed

Humidifier Inspection Details

  • Clean the drain line
  • Replace evaporator pad (additional charge)
  • Check operation
  • Check controls and damper for proper settings

Electronic Air Cleaner Inspection Details

  • Clean
  • Check cells for proper operation
  • Check cells for proper electrical connection

(Note: If you have media filters, filter replacement may not be required on each visit.)

All the above include standard one-inch throw away filters, 15% discount on repairs, and preferential scheduling. Most importantly, you’ll have the peace of mind that your heating and cooling system is being properly and professionally maintained!

Have accessories on your heating and cooling system, or have more than one system?

Relax, we’ve got you covered. Call us today at 816-761-5262, United will be happy to service your additional equipment.

  • Additional systems
  • Humidifier
  • Electronic air cleaner
  • Energy recovery ventilator
  • Ultraviolet light bulbs
  • F-25 4-inch media filter

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