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Furnace Replacement or Repair

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Curious if you should replace your furnace or just repair your furnace? It’s a tough call for many homeowners facing a long winter in Kansas City. On one hand, you don’t want to replace furnaces when they could have many years of life left in them, but on the other hand you don’t want to risk a broken furnace in the middle of a harsh winter. So how do you know?

One big consideration is the age of the unit. Furnaces only have a number of on and off cycles in them. When the parts get some age to them, they tend to go out quicker and require far more maintenance to keep them running. Maintenance plans are designed to extend the life of furnaces, catching minor problems and minimizing wear and tear, but older furnaces may not be worth repairing. Older parts are also harder to come by, and harder to find equates to higher costs. After so many years, many vendors and dealers phase out certain parts or carry the bare minimum of inventory. Replacing a furnace is sometimes a necessity if your particular model is no longer manufactured, especially since furnace parts are brand specific. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to install a cheaper part from a competing or generic brand.

Another key consideration is efficiency. Older furnaces require a lot more gas to deliver the same amount of heat. The amount of gas needed multiplies if the furnace isn’t properly maintained. Recently, laws went into effect that require 80% efficiency ratings for all new furnaces. Some legislators want 90% efficiency ratings, so many are predicting that the higher efficiency will eventually replace 80% as the minimum. This new law has homeowners rethinking how much they’re willing to spend on utility costs. Replace your furnace or pay high utility bills? If you plan on living in your home for several years, you can recoup the cost of replacing a furnace via lower utility costs.

Most older furnaces have no warranty or an expired warranty as well. That puts homeowners on the hook for any repair costs when a breakdown occurs. Since older models can become unreliable (and usually on the coldest day of the year), you’ll need to plan for a service call. Not everyone has the luxury to wait at home or the flexibility to miss work for a service call. Plus, if the parts aren’t available or hard to find, you’ll be stuck in the cold or running space heaters until you can replace your furnace or get emergency repairs completed.

Some consideration should be given to safety also. Homes today are so well insulated that they’re virtually airtight. Older furnaces pull air from inside your home to heat and recirculate throughout. If your furnace is located in the basement (especially in an unfinished basement), it could circulate harmful fumes from any stored liquids or solvents. Furnaces like oxygen and newer, efficient furnaces don’t use your inside air. They pull it in from the outside, which is safer for tightly insulated homes. A pipe draws in outside air and then exhausts it back outside. This fact alone might make you consider a new furnace installation.

Have questions about just how much life your furnace has left? Need a new, efficient furnace installed before winter sets in? Give us a call anytime or call us at 816-761-5262 to schedule an appointment today. We’d be happy to field your questions and have a trained technician give you an in-home estimate for the service that’s right for you!

Is It Time to Replace Your Inefficient Commercial Furnace

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Savings can really add up!

If your unit is over 10 years old, a new system could save your company money. Older systems are inefficient and your utility bills prove it. You’ll notice an immediate difference throughout your building and on your utility bills—sometimes 20% or more that you can spend on your business.

 United’s experts match the perfect unit from all the leading manufacturers to the size of your building. We’ll assess your current system and ducts then explain all of your options from standard and high efficiency deluxe to premium models. We’ll take your budget and how long you plan to stay in your location into consideration so you can choose the system that will give you the savings and performance you expect. And we have great financing options.

What to expect when United installs your new heating or cooling unit

United’s heating and cooling system installation experts will arrive on time and ready to work. Our technicians are manufacturer trained and certified, and adhere to United’s strict installation procedures, guidelines and checklists.

 Throughout the installation process, we keep a clean work area and are very careful not to interfere with your employees or customers. A technician will walk you through everything you need to know about programming and operation, answering all of your questions. At the end of the day, the only trace you’ll see of our work is your brand new heating or cooling unit.

 United also installs:

  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Package rooftop
  • Split systems
  • Variable air volume
  • Dehumidification

Protect your new furnace with United’s commercial maintenance program

We stand behind our commercial furnace installations. All heating and cooling systems come with their manufacturers’ warranty.

 Regular maintenance extends the life of your heating and cooling system. Consider United’s preventive maintenance program to keep your new furnace and air conditioner running at peak efficiency. Our maintenance service technicians will come out on a quarterly or monthly basis to perform a comprehensive maintenance check.