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Contractors Trust United to Install HVAC Systems

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Residential Heating & Cooling Installation for New Construction

Some of the most well-known and respected new homebuilders in Kansas City call on United for residential heating and cooling installation. After all, they know the integrity and quality of the new home’s systems reflect on them, not the subcontractor. As a homebuilder you’ve got to have a company you can count on to do the entire job right.

Our professional and downright courteous residential heating and cooling technicians are more than happy to meet with other contractors or the homeowner to answer any questions and resolve any challenges during construction. United has an impressive showroom where your customer can view upgrade options and learn more about high-efficiency and accessory options that are available.

Subcontracting residential heating and cooling requires trust. Trust that our HVAC experts know what they’re doing. Trust that we’re using high quality systems and parts that last. Trust that we’ll stand behind our heating and cooling systems and workmanship. We’ve been earning builders’ trust since we opened our doors and we’ve never disappointed a builder or homeowner because we take heating and cooling installation up a notch, or two…

  • United designs heat loads for an inside temperature of 75° F and an outside temperature of 100° F. These temperature parameters are based at the location of the thermostat
  • All of our thermostats are programmable and installed with all heat pump applications and air conditioners
  • We run our own low voltage wire (10) to both the thermostats and outdoor units to ensure proper thermostat placement. The extra wires make is easier for homeowners to upgrade in the future.
  • While the industry standard for the difference between the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature is 20º, we calculate a 25º difference
  • In an electric heat pump system all rectangular duct in basement (supply and return) is internally lined to maintain duct temperature per industry standards.
  • Every installation goes through a rigorous quality control check after rough in and finish work are complete


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Customers find themselves in the market for a new commercial air conditioning system for many reasons. Maybe your commercial air conditioning unit has failed or on its last leg. Maybe your AC unit has some years on it and it’s costing you a fortune in maintenance and utilities. Maybe you’re making changes in your location or your business that require a different commercial air conditioning solution.

Commercial heating and cooling companies will present air conditioning systems across the price spectrum with features to match. Here’s what you should be aware of when narrowing down your commercial air conditioning options to avoid costly mistakes.

First, if you’re still on the fence between repairing and replacing your commercial AC unit, refrigerant 22 is a factor. This refrigerant is being phased out and commercial air conditioning units that require it will become more expensive to maintain and repair. Refrigerants that replace R22 are being introduced and there is some cost involved with switching to the newer formulations. Retrofitting a commercial air conditioning unit to accept R22 alternatives is less expensive than buying a new unit. If budget is a primary concern, this may be your best option until you’re ready to invest in a higher efficiency commercial air conditioning unit.

Ready to get some commercial air conditioning unit bids? Don’t go with the lowest bidder. The price is attractive, but there are risks and trade offs that could be costly in the end. HVAC companies that make unbelievably low bids also scrimp on materials and labor to keep their costs low. Inexperienced techs perform the commercial air conditioning installation. No money has been spent on training or keeping them current on technology. Low-grade units are used that don’t have excellent performance records. Choose a commercial heating and air conditioning contractor that bids a fair price for experienced labor and quality products—one that’ll be around for a long, long time.

A new commercial air conditioning unit is a sizable investment, and accessories will help you get the most out of it. A variety of controllers, smart thermostats and other devices can help reduce operating costs on top of the better energy efficiency these units deliver. These devices are for new as well as older equipment.

United Heating Cooling & Plumbing technicians based in Grandview MO are continually training on all of the above areas—not just the newest technology, but also on how to keep what you have properly maintained to prolong your unit’s life. Your business’s air conditioning solution is unique so to keep it running in peak condition our commercial maintenance agreements are tailored to your equipment’s age, manufacturer and demands. Choosing the right commercial air conditioning unit along with regular and proper maintenance are the best ways to avoid paying high costs down the road.


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Trusted HVAC contractors worth their salt will tell that the installation of an HVAC system is more important than the brand you choose. On the AC side, most HVAC systems use the same compressor from one manufacturer. The compressor is the most critical part of an HVAC system. There was once a bigger differentiation between brands, but that’s not so much the case anymore.

 HVAC contractors can help you select the right HVAC system for your home. To do so, they’ll carefully review your existing duct work, drain pipes, future plans, budget and your home’s layout. It’s a lot to consider, but it’s key to installing an HVAC system that fits your needs.

 Let’s start with the duct work. HVAC contractors must verify the ducts are adequate to handle a new HVAC system. In some homes, the ducts were designed to handle the last generation of HVAC systems. But today’s systems have different requirements in order to perform at their peak.

 Next comes inspecting your drain pipes. HVAC contractors are looking for any blockages to ensure your new system has adequate drainage so that water doesn’t back up into the HVAC system and cause damage.

 Selecting the right HVAC system requires choosing a level of efficiency. Higher efficiency HVAC systems have a higher initial cost than lower efficiency versions, with the savings coming from lower utilities going forth. Consider how long you’ll live in your home. If you’re staying long enough to recoup any extra cost via energy savings, it’s worth it to invest in a higher efficiency. If not, spend less on the lower efficiency system. And if you’re planning to stay in your home for a long time, consider a geothermal system for the ultimate in energy cost savings.

 With HVAC system efficiency decided, choosing a size is the next step. The size of the HVAC system has to match the size of your home. Too small and the HVAC system can’t take manage the load of heating or cooling on extremely hot and cold days. Too large, and the system cools the home too quickly, shuts off, not running long enough to remove the humidity.

 Look for sales and rebates on the HVAC system that meets your needs based on the above. United Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has sales throughout the year, as well as manufacturers’ and the occasional rebate or tax break from the government on certain efficiencies.

 Once your HVAC system is installed, consider investing in a 10-year warranty. It’s an affordable insurance policy on a new generation of HVAC systems. Today’s systems have more working parts and components. Maintaining higher efficiency equipment requires a higher level of knowledge than older systems so choose an HVAC contractor with experience with this new technology.

Kansas City Area Commercial Construction Companies Trust United Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

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Kansas City Area Commercial Construction Companies Trust United Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

Some of the most well-known and respected commercial construction companies in Kansas City call on United for their construction projects. After all, they know the integrity and quality of the building’s systems reflect on them, not the subcontractor. As a commercial builder you’ve got to have a company you can count on to do the entire job right.

Our heating and cooling technicians and certified plumbers have earned a reputation throughout Kansas City and the metro for stepping up to challenging projects and meeting tight deadlines–completing each and every one efficiently, on time and on budget.

With a staff that has over 100 combined years in commercial construction and design build fields, United Heating and Cooling is capable of handling a wide variety of projects:

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Education
  • Retail (spas, banks, etc.)
  • Office Buildings
  • Retirement
  • Communities
  • Multi-story Apartments
  • Churches
  • Warehouses
  • Light Industrial Work

We offer custom design build – we will size your equipment, design your duct work and give you a customized bid, also provide you with a stamped mechanical drawing. We also do plan spec, will take a look at and bid an already stamped mechanical drawing.

United Heating and Cooling has quality control supervisors to check your job throughout, Plus we offer a variety of construction warranties and customized preventative maintenance plans and on call service.