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Capacity and efficiency is often confused and commonly misunderstood.

Capacity is how well your air conditioner will cool the size of your house. Does your current air conditioner cool your entire home evenly and effectively?

If you decide to stick with the same size AC unit, you can consider zoning or adding a second system for a larger home. For an air conditioner replacement, a United PRO will look at your current unit and home’s size to make the right recommendation. We’ll ask questions about your future plans for the home like finishing a basement or adding a room. We’ll ask whether you feel the unit kept your home comfortable during extreme heat. A new addition or a warm, humid house indicates larger capacity is needed.

  1. Air conditioner replacement is a chance to improve efficiency. Consider whether or not you want to pay less for utilities or if you’re comfortable with your current payment. Thanks to new efficiency laws, any air conditioning replacement has the potential to lower your utility bills a bit. How much depends on the efficiency model you choose.
  2. Find out if you’re responsible for registering your air conditioner with the manufacturer. Most air conditioners come with a 5-year warranty. If you register your unit, that can increase to 10 years. United Heating, Cooling & Plumbing handles the registration for you after an air conditioner replacement. Other companies might not. We recommend an extended warranty to cover the cost of parts AND labor should a problem occur. This is a small amount for the additional coverage you receive.
  3. Is this a good time to replace your furnace too? It depends on the furnace’s age and any problems you have with it. If you replace both as an entire system, you’ll pay a lower installation cost and you know the systems match. You want both to move the same amount of air. If you’re upsizing during an air conditioner replacement you might consider upgrading the furnace too. Each furnace is designed for a certain amount of airflow. The blower is same for both systems. No matter what season, the blower is always working.

When Your Business’s Air Conditioner or Furnace Breaks, United HVAC Service Fixes Problems

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When your heating or cooling system goes on the fritz, it doesn’t have to bring your business to a halt. Nobody wants to work in sweltering heat or freezing temperatures waiting for an air conditioning and heating repair expert to arrive. For some companies, time is of the essence if their machines and equipment require careful climate control.

When your system has to be fixed, anytime of day or night, call United. Someone is always available to take your call. We’ll dispatch a technician immediately and get your company back to business as usual.


Your system’s not working. You called United. Now what?

A commercial service technician arrives in clearly marked United vans, wearing United apparel and an I.D. badge. Our technicians are licensed and insured, and held to the highest customer service standards. Most have over a decade of experience repairing commercial air conditioners and furnaces. They will respect your place of business. Plus, all United employees have passed a rigorous background check and drug screening.

Our technicians will perform a battery of diagnostic tests to pinpoint the problem. United repairs and services all the leading manufacturers’ commercial systems including Trane, Carrier, Goodman, York, Lennox, Engineered Air, McQuay and Seasons Four.