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Customers find themselves in the market for a new commercial air conditioning system for many reasons. Maybe your commercial air conditioning unit has failed or on its last leg. Maybe your AC unit has some years on it and it’s costing you a fortune in maintenance and utilities. Maybe you’re making changes in your location or your business that require a different commercial air conditioning solution.

Commercial heating and cooling companies will present air conditioning systems across the price spectrum with features to match. Here’s what you should be aware of when narrowing down your commercial air conditioning options to avoid costly mistakes.

First, if you’re still on the fence between repairing and replacing your commercial AC unit, refrigerant 22 is a factor. This refrigerant is being phased out and commercial air conditioning units that require it will become more expensive to maintain and repair. Refrigerants that replace R22 are being introduced and there is some cost involved with switching to the newer formulations. Retrofitting a commercial air conditioning unit to accept R22 alternatives is less expensive than buying a new unit. If budget is a primary concern, this may be your best option until you’re ready to invest in a higher efficiency commercial air conditioning unit.

Ready to get some commercial air conditioning unit bids? Don’t go with the lowest bidder. The price is attractive, but there are risks and trade offs that could be costly in the end. HVAC companies that make unbelievably low bids also scrimp on materials and labor to keep their costs low. Inexperienced techs perform the commercial air conditioning installation. No money has been spent on training or keeping them current on technology. Low-grade units are used that don’t have excellent performance records. Choose a commercial heating and air conditioning contractor that bids a fair price for experienced labor and quality products—one that’ll be around for a long, long time.

A new commercial air conditioning unit is a sizable investment, and accessories will help you get the most out of it. A variety of controllers, smart thermostats and other devices can help reduce operating costs on top of the better energy efficiency these units deliver. These devices are for new as well as older equipment.

United Heating Cooling & Plumbing technicians based in Grandview MO are continually training on all of the above areas—not just the newest technology, but also on how to keep what you have properly maintained to prolong your unit’s life. Your business’s air conditioning solution is unique so to keep it running in peak condition our commercial maintenance agreements are tailored to your equipment’s age, manufacturer and demands. Choosing the right commercial air conditioning unit along with regular and proper maintenance are the best ways to avoid paying high costs down the road.


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 When it comes to being comfortable in your own home —toasty warm or cool as a cucumber— you’re at the mercy of your HVAC system. You can do more to keep your HVAC system running smoothly than you think.

 One of the most important things just so happens to be the easiest one for customers to do. Change your air filter. Change it more often than you think is really necessary, especially if you have pets or someone in your family suffers from health problems or allergies. New air filters aren’t expensive and keeping them clean goes a long way toward keeping your HVAC system in running order.

 Your humidifier, air conditioner coil and 90% or higher efficiency furnaces all use the same drain hose to drain water away from the HVAC unit. Drain hoses must be kept clear or water can’t go down the floor drain. Without anywhere to drain, water runs down the furnace and can ruin the control board or blower motor and do carpet or structural damage.

 How to drain hoses become blocked? Dirty air filters. Dirty air filters have lots of extra dust to release and it makes it way through the filter, eventually ending up rinsing down the drain hose. All kinds of things can end up in your drain hose like algae, hard water deposits, little insects, spiders, bird feathers, squirrels’ acorn crumbs and wasp nests to name a few. Warranties don’t cover damage caused by lack of maintenance. Changing your air filters regularly helps keeps drain hoses clear too.

 Going to the extreme temperature-wise will do more harm than good. Keeping your home too cool in summer or too warm in winter could damage your HVAC system and void some manufacturers’ warranties. During summer don’t keep your air conditioner set below 65 degrees. Water can turn to ice on the coil rather than drain down the tube. When it does thaw, it can run down the interior and cause damage to other components.

 In winter, keep your furnace set to at least 62. When your furnace starts up, exhaust gas is moist. Under normal conditions the gas goes through the vent pipe. Anything 58 or below keeps the gas too cold and it’ll stay in the furnace instead of venting. That trapped moisture causes rust and creates the potential for a host of other HVAC problems.

 Any HVAC maintenance other than changing your air filter needs to be handled by a professional technician. HVAC work is a specialized field that takes training, experience and special instruments.

Partnership helps United Heating Cooling & Plumbing Stay Organized

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Sure we do HVAC repair and HVAC replacement. Yes we do plumbing in Kansas City – the whole metro area. Bet you didn’t know we have a fantastic system in place to manage all the parts an pieces it requires to be a top 10 HVAC company in Kansas City.

From a business management perspective, we have a large fleet going out to hundreds of jobs every week. We keep all vans stocked with frequently used parts for HVAC repair and plumbing repair. We also pack parts for specific jobs into bundles so knowing where everything is located helps us pack for each job more efficiently.

This video explains why we refer our friends tour partner, Warehouse1. They help us stay organized!