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Ugh. Plumbing breaks and problems are a pain to deal with. When there’s water damage involved it just adds insult to injury, doesn’t it? Not to mention extra costs for clean up. First of all, everyone should have a trusted, experienced plumber who they can call on a moment’s notice. Second of all, a plumber can give you priceless insights that can save you thousands of dollars and help avoid water damage associated with plumbing problems.

Here are a few tried and true tips from a veteran plumber who has tackled every plumbing problem imaginable.

If your home or building already has a sump pump, make sure it’s a sump pump with battery back up power. The power can go out during severe weather. Torrential rain isn’t the time you want your sump pump to lose electricity. A sump pump with battery back is able to keep up with rising water until the power is restored. This can save you a lot of money, time and hassle by avoiding water damage caused by a dead sump pump.

Make it a priority to check your sump pump for debris and ensure it’s operating. This is an easy plumbing tip that can save your home or business from water damage. Run water into the sump pump to make certain it’s functioning. Check the pipe outside and remove any debris blocking the flow of water to the outdoors. A blocked pipe forces water back inside and creates a mess.

Check your exterior downspouts for debris and clear out the muck. This is important any time of year in the Midwest. Melting snow from the roof in winter and spring and summer rains put your downspouts to the test. If the spouts are blocked, the water can run into your basement creating more water than your sump pump was designed to handle. The extra water has nowhere to go except your basement floor, which causes water damage.

Do a walk through in your basement like you’re a plumber. You’re looking for plumbing valves showing signs of discoloration and deposit build-up. If you see any of these problems, call a plumber to fix the issues sooner rather than later. Plumbing valves in these conditions can burst, creating expensive water damage.