7 Things to Keep in Mind About Air Conditioner Replacement

Capacity and efficiency are often confused and commonly misunderstood. Capacity is how well your air conditioner will cool your whole house. Does your current air conditioner cool your entire home evenly and effectively? You may need to consider investing in a larger AC unit, a different configuration, or a supplemental system that boosts the effectiveness of your existing air conditioner. Whatever you decide, United can provide you with competitive estimates for any air conditioning needs.

If you decide to stick with the same size AC unit, you may want to consider zoning or adding a second system for a larger home. For an air conditioner replacement, your United comfort specialist will analyze your current unit and home’s size to make the right recommendation. We’ll ask questions about your future plans for the home, such as finishing a basement, or adding a room or other addition. We’ll determine how you feel during extreme heat waves and if the unit kept your home comfortable during the summer months. We pay attention to the envelope of your home – the insulation, windows and doors. And, perform a heating and cooling load test to ensure you have the right system. 

While you may assume that your situation doesn’t warrant a replacement, keep in mind that the savings on your utility bills over time with a newer, more efficient system will offset the initial cost of installation. An outdated or damaged system will not only perform below your expectations, but it may also be costing you money in excess energy costs.

Not sure if you need a new AC unit? Consider the following tips for things to keep in mind about air conditioner replacement.

Air Conditioner Tips

1. Improve efficiency. Consider whether you want to pay less for utilities or if you’re comfortable with your current payment. Air conditioner replacement is a chance to lower your utility bills. How much depends on the efficiency model you choose and proper installation.

2. Check warranties. Most homeowners are responsible for registering new air conditioners with the manufacturer. Air conditioner warranties vary from five years to lifetime. United Heating, Cooling & Plumbing handles the registration for you after an air conditioner replacement, including a first-year labor warranty. Other companies might not, which means you may only receive a minimum warranty. You may also want to consider an extended warranty to cover the cost of parts and labor should a problem occur after the warranty period. 

3. Consider the entire system. It may be a good time to replace your furnace, too. Depending on the furnace’s age and any problems you have with it, it may be best to replace it. If you replace both as an entire system, you’ll pay a lower installation cost and you’ll know the systems match. If you’re upsizing during an air conditioner replacement, you might consider upgrading the furnace efficiency, too. Each furnace is designed for a certain amount of airflow. The blower is the same for both systems. No matter what the season, the blower is always working. Ask United about various financing options.

4. Determine the location of the unit. Is the AC unit in a good outdoor location? Is it keeping you awake running under your bedroom window? Would you like to hide it behind shrubs for aesthetics? Air conditioner replacement is the time to do it. Keep in mind that shaded areas are better. The air conditioner won’t have to work as hard in the shade versus all-day sun. Just be careful around trees, especially cottonwoods, so debris doesn’t fall inside the new unit. 

5. Conduct annual maintenance. Many unit failures are due to lack of maintenance. Manufacturers are getting fussy about homeowners proving they performed maintenance before they’ll honor an air conditioner replacement or repair, under a warranty. United keeps those records for you with an annual maintenance agreement.

6. Look into two-stage equipment. It’s similar to having a big and small AC in one unit. Hot days mean one stage runs. Cooler days means the other stage runs at lower speeds using less electricity, pulling out more humidity and making your home more comfortable. With the temperature swings in Kansas City, this is often a preferred feature by many homeowners.

7. Gauge the investment. A new AC system will boost the property value of the structure. A would-be buyer would likely prefer a newer, high-efficiency AC system than an outdated one.

Ultimately, replacing an air conditioner can sometimes be a considerable expense, but the alternative is dealing with an outdated, inefficient configuration that hemorrhages money through excessive energy consumption. United is here to provide suggestions and reasonable estimates for any AC repair, replacement or modification to your existing system to keep you comfortable. Remember, this is a 20 year investment that dictates your family’s comfort and utility costs.

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