Is It Time to Replace Your Inefficient Furnace, Air Conditioner, Plumbing or Indoor Air Quality Unit?

The only thing worse than a broken furnace, air conditioner, plumbing system or indoor quality air unit, is having to replace one unexpectedly. All these systems will give you clues along the way that it might be time to retire, but nothing says replacement like a huge disaster. The key is to avoid this by replacing your unit before it becomes a big issue. So when should you start looking at modern models?

How Old Is Your Furnace or AC Unit?

If your system is over 10 years old, it might be time to consider a replacement. Older systems are inefficient and your utility bills show it. You’ll notice an immediate difference in your comfort level and on your utility bills.  Some customers see their rates drop 20 percent or more after installation. An energy efficient plumbing, AC, furnace, or indoor air quality unit can make a huge difference over a period of time, so if you are planning to stay in your home for a few years, consider the upgrade. If you end up selling, it also brings more value to your home.

Frequent Heating and Cooling Repairs

If you are on a first name basis with your repairman, it’s time to look at replacing your unit. Eventually, the expense of constantly repairing the unit will equal out to the price of buying a newer, energy efficient one. Stop throwing money away and go for the better return on investment.

Energy Bills are Going Up

If you can see a steady increase in energy consumption, it means your machines are struggling to keep up with the demand. As machines get older, they need more power to work consistently. An increase in your bills could be the sign you need to head out and get one of them replaced. Watch the trend over a few months, keeping in mind the weather outside. Once a pattern is established, you can single out which system might be using more energy than it should.

Uneven Results

It may not be your imagination that one room feels warmer or colder than another, or that the water pressure in your shower isn’t as good as the kitchen sink. Inconsistent results may be the sign of one of your systems getting ready to bail. Keep a thermometer in each room to measure the exact temperature to diagnose your furnace or air conditioner. A plumbing or comfort specialist could help you diagnose other system issues.

Tripping the Circuit

Because of the increase in energy consumption, older models of furnaces, indoor air quality units, and air conditioners can sometimes trip the circuit. If you find yourself without any one of these systems on a regular basis, check the circuit board to see if something is overwhelming it.  The constant trip of the circuit is not energy efficient and can actually cause more problems for the rest of the house. Once this sign starts appearing, it is important to get the unit replaced soon.

Noise Coming From Furnace or A/C Unit

Older systems create a lot of noise, but if you are hearing more noise than usual, it could be another sign your current system is using too much energy or not functioning up to standard. Investing in an energy efficient system for plumbing, heating, or cooling is not only saving money, but you might also find your home is suddenly much quieter. This added bonus comes with the newer technology and most homeowners notice a huge change in the first few weeks with their new system.

Damages to Your Home

If your furnace is not new or energy efficient, it could cause humidity problems in your home. Humidity can cause damage to wooden fixtures like floorboards or dry wall creating a breeding ground for mold. An old air conditioning unit can cause similar problems, as well as unpleasant dry air that can damage things indoors. Old plumbing systems can lead to leaks and burst pipes, which can cause expensive damage to your ceilings, walls, and even your house’s foundation.

If you are experiencing any of these signs in your home, it is probably time to pick up the phone and call for a replacement. We can easily install a new furnace, air conditioner, indoor air quality unit, or plumbing system, getting you back on track to your regularly scheduled life. No one needs to wait around for days with no heat or running water. It’s better to be proactive by replacing the system before it decides to die, bringing your house down with it.

Custom Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Indoor Air Quality System Replacement Estimates

United Heating, Cooling & Plumbing’s experts install all of the leading manufacturers. We match the perfect unit to the size of your home and your lifestyle. We assess your current system then explain all of your options from standard and high efficiency to deluxe and premium models. We’ll work within your budget and take into consideration how long you plan to stay in your home so you can choose the unit that will give you the level of savings and performance you require. United offers financing, as well as seasonal rebates and promotional offers throughout the year. Give us a call today.

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