Monitor Your Home’s HVAC Systems When You’re Away

When you’re out of town or at work, who’s making sure your home’s mechanical systems are running smoothly? These three energy-monitoring technologies can do that for you.

Power outages or water leaks can mean coming home to uncomfortable temperatures or expensive property damage. These new systems offer you peace of mind, as well as the chance to save money. So why just hope that nothing goes wrong when you’re away? With real-time monitoring, you’ll know everything is fine, and be able to take quick action if trouble does occur.

These monitors are always on the job. Because they are connected to a cellular network, they don’t require WiFi. So even if problems result from a power outage, you’ll be the first to know.

Water Monitoring Device

In many areas, water is at a premium, meaning even a small drip or leak can add up to big bucks. And with a broken or damaged pipe, not only does precious water go to waste, but your property can also be destroyed. You may not even be aware of the situation until the damage is done. A water-monitoring device checks your meter constantly for problems large or small.

The monitor attaches directly to your water meter and tracks your usage. It develops water flow analytics to determine what’s typical for your household. If anything out of the ordinary happens, you’ll find out in real time. The device will detect the difference in readings directly from the meter and send you an alert by email, text or through an app. Access all the information you need through an intuitive dashboard interface. You’ll gain insights into your water usage patterns, so you can quickly solve problems instead of wasting valuable water. No wondering about your home’s status, and no more hidden leaks.

HVAC Monitoring Device

Have you ever come home after vacation to find that your A/C or furnace had a bad day—and you’re in for a sleepless night? With this device, you’ll never be caught off guard again. An HVAC monitor keeps an eye on your air conditioner or furnace when you’re away. If your system fails, you’ll receive a notice immediately. But you can expect much more than a “working/not working” report. The device measures refrigerant levels, watches for power spikes and monitors the mechanical system. That means if your A/C or furnace is developing a problem, it’s predictive systems can often warn you before they occur.

While an HVAC monitoring device helps you stay on top of proactive maintenance, equipment failures still happen from time to time. Accessing the data logs gives service teams an advantage if repairs are needed. All this information is displayed in an intuitive app and dashboard interface, allowing you to easily access details from your phone or computer.

Sump Pump Monitoring Device

Storms have been rolling through your area, but you’re not at home. Do you ask your neighbor to run over and check your house for water? Not if you have this monitoring device. You can rest assured that if your sump pump has failed or couldn’t keep up, you will receive an alert.

For added protection, mount the device’s wet switches in other high-risk areas, like near your hot water tank, refrigerator and in your laundry room. If water is in the area, you’ll know about it right away, so you can address the problem and minimize damage.

Prevention now can save headaches and money

United offers these monitoring devices as a way to look out your home and your monthly bills. Are you ready for 24/7 protection of your valuable property? The United techs are available for a quick installation visit, so you can start enjoying the advantages of the latest in home monitoring technology right away.

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