Preparing Your HVAC for Winter



How can your system be prepared for winter and cold weather? 

Having a technician come and check everything out is the best option. We have a multi-point inspection we do to ensure your furnace/heat pump is operating at its best. We can also let you know if we see any potential problems that might arise and get ahead of the problem.


How is the system strained during the winter and how can homeowners combat that?

The best thing for any homeowner to do is change your filter. A dirty filter puts more strain on the blower motor, which can cause it to fail prematurely, and also decreases the amount of airflow to the house.


What is something that people usually forget about doing as the winter weather comes (as it relates to HVAC)?

Turn on the heat and check to make sure its working properly before it gets too cold out. Nobody wants to be in the coldest part of the season with no heat. Check your filter, and schedule a service technician to come and give your system a thorough check.


Is there an ideal temperature to keep our homes during the winter months?

Everybody is different when it comes to this. Whatever feels comfortable to you is the best answer.


Does the outside unit need any special treatment before winter?

The outdoor unit if fine as is. Some people prefer to cover the ac in the winter so no leaves get in it, just make sure to remove the cover before starting the AC in the springtime. If you have heat pump it's good to have a tech check it to make sure the charge on they system is correct and heating to the best of its ability. They also check other components to make sure they are working properly since with a heat pump, the outdoor unit is running year round.


If someone has a whole home humidifier, is there something they need to do as they turn it on and start using it?

Check to make sue the water supply line for the humidifier is on, when you first turn on the humidifier make sure you can hear or see water. If you cant hear water running look at the drain and see if any is running out. Make sure the damper on your humidifier is open for correct airflow across the water panel. Humidifier pads should be changed yearly depending on how hard the water is in your house.

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