Air Conditioning Service and Repair

United Heating, Cooling and Plumbing customers know that they can count on us for unbeatable air conditioning service. We always provide honest, realistic quotes before every project so you know the exact costs of the service, including labor and parts. Instead of gimmicks, surprise fees and hidden charges, you get a transparent quote that fits within your budget.

Our team will address all costs before performing work. United takes extra steps to ensure quality in our work and value for your money. United technicians will record their work (with your approval). You will receive a video highlight reel that shows you the steps we took to repair your system. Instead of wondering whether another service provider made a repair, you can count on United to provide top-notch service that comes with peace of mind. Other AC repair service providers may not fully address your air conditioning issue or they may try to upsell you an expensive new system.

Over time, unfixed leaks, damaged ducts and other small issues can quickly escalate into a more serious problem. We provide routine air conditioning maintenance services so you can rest assured knowing your air conditioning system has had professional attention by a United team member.

AC Cooling Service

Clogged filters, leaky ductwork and faulty thermostats all reduce AC efficiency and can lead to more costly repairs later on. Our routine AC maintenance will help your system run smoothly all year long.

AC Cooling Repair

The technicians at United can quickly diagnose and repair any issues. We are familiar with multiple brands and can repair any type of system, including:

Air Conditioning Replacement

A broken AC unit may have you steamed, but United knows how to make you comfortable again. We have been completing quality installations since 1990.In fact, United has installed equipment in up to 25 percent of homes in the Kansas City Metro area since 1990. We offer everything from energy-efficient solutions to smart thermostats you can program from your phone.

Here’s something else to keep in mind: if your system is older than 10 years, you’re wasting more energy than you probably realize. Newer air conditioners rely on technology that can more efficiently cool your home. The more efficient your system, the less you have to spend on energy costs each month.

Brands carried:

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