Air Conditioning Chiller Units

Chillers are appliances that draw heat from water using a vapor-compression cycle or an absorption-regeneration cycle. The chilled water produced in these cycles can effectively cool equipment or interior spaces of various sizes. These units produce waste heat, which typically leaves the structure through exterior exhaust fans. Absorption-based chillers use very little electricity and actually reabsorb the condensation created by the waste heat to continue the chilling cycle. Some HVAC systems can recirculate this waste heat for heating purposes, and it is possible to use several separate chiller units for a large structure, such as a commercial building or large office building.

United technicians have experience with all types of HVAC devices and configurations, and we would be happy to assess your situation to determine whether or not a chiller unit would work for you. In the right application, a chiller unit can provide a fantastic return on the initial installation investment and provide lower long-term cost of ownership. United provides competitive quotes that fully outline our service, parts and labor charges so there are no surprises once we begin work on your project.