Phoenix Evaporative Coolers

Residents of the Phoenix area are well aware of the intense heat during Arizona’s summers, and United is here to help with a variety of evaporative coolers (AKA swamp coolers) from the top-selling brands. Evaporative coolers provide cooling by evaporating water. This system of cooling has technically existed for over a millennia. Unlike other cooling systems, evaporative coolers can drop the temperature of dry air by effectively humidifying it with cooled water vapor. In Phoenix evaporative coolers can actually produce more effective cooling in extremely hot and dry climates like the dessert when compared to typical central air conditioning systems. Evaporative cooler systems also use a fraction of the energy that most compressor air conditioning systems use.

Compressor-based cooling uses more energy and produces less effective cooling than evaporative cooler systems in hot and dry climates. Phoenix swamp coolers draw the heat from the air to evaporate water into vapor. This process requires fewer components and appliances, and most evaporative coolers take up less space than typical compressor-based cooling systems. United has built a strong reputation for customer satisfaction and top-notch quality of service across the Midwest, and our service technicians and plumbers at our new Phoenix location are available 24/7 for emergencies.