Packaged Central Air Conditioners

Most modern cooling systems feature multiple appliances like boilers, pumps, condensers and large cabinets. Some property owners want a simple HVAC solution without having to deal with multiple appliances. A packaged central air conditioner can be a great option for some homes and business buildings, and United can help you find the right packaged central air conditioner for your needs. A packaged central air conditioner houses all of the heating and cooling components in a single cabinet, making these systems very popular choices for confined spaces. In some homes and other buildings, roof installation is an option, but most packaged central air conditioner installations are on ground level. If flexibility and space constraints are your biggest concerns for your structure’s HVAC needs, a packaged solution may be right for you.

United has a reputation for unbeatable customer service and fantastic selection of appliances from the best-selling brands. If you’re looking to install a packaged central air conditioner in a new structure or retrofit an existing structure, or if you want to update your old packaged system, United can help. We can check the installation site to find a high-efficiency option that will effectively cool the structure while taking up minimal space and maintaining affordable energy consumption in the long run.