Split Systems Air Conditioners

Split systems are a cost-effective air conditioning option that’s easy to install and simple to maintain. A gas-powered condenser pulls air from outside and an indoor electrical evaporative condenser blows cool air into the structure. Split systems are fantastic cooling options for small spaces like dorm rooms, small efficiency apartments and office buildings. United has extensive experience with all cooling configurations, and we use the latest tools and equipment for every project. If you have an existing split system or are thinking about installing one, United can help.

Split systems provide fantastic cost of ownership over time when used correctly. These systems aren’t ideal for cooling large spaces like great rooms, large conference rooms or open floor plan apartments. United can assess the space you have to work with and let you know what type of performance a split system could provide. We carry the latest models from leading brands and installation usually takes less than a day for split systems. United offers competitive pricing and unmatched service for all residential and commercial cooling projects. After completing work, we’ll follow up to make sure you’re satisfied with your service. Let us know how we can help with your next split system repair, replacement or new installation.