Boiler Systems and Repair

Although forced air heating is more common in newer construction, boiler-based heating is common in older homes and larger structures like apartment buildings and offices. At the heart of any steam or water-based heating system is a boiler. Boilers create steam or hot water that travels through a structure’s radiators to provide heat. Steam boilers operate at higher temperatures than water boilers, but there are high-efficiency options from the leading brands of both types. United technicians can work closely with you to determine the best way to install, replace, or repair your boilers. Some boilers allow for retrofitting to more modern, high-efficiency configurations, while a replacement is a better option in other situations. United staff will make sure you’re certain of every aspect of your billing before starting any work.

Older boilers typically run at about half the efficiency rate of newer, high-efficiency boilers. United can help with an update, new installation or repair for any type of boiler. Whether you use a steam boiler or water boiler, United provides regular maintenance to keep it running at peak performance. If you’re interested in upgrades, we can show you the best options for your needs from top-selling brands. United understands the importance of long-term investments like heating systems, and we want our customers to find fantastic value over time with their boiler solutions.