Workshop and Garage Heaters

The right garage furnace can help keep your garage comfortable no matter the project. United has experience with all types of HVAC services in new and existing structures. If you’re curious about your garage furnace options, United can assess your structure and let you know which model would work best for you. Garage heaters are a bit different from heaters for homes and business structures. Most homes’ garages don’t have the same level of insulation as the connected homes, and insulation plays an important role in keeping any garage comfortable with a furnace.

United can help you find the right garage furnace from various brands that works best for your garage. We can also assess the insulation in the garage so you can be sure of the furnace’s value over time. A poorly configured garage furnace or faulty insulation will lead to higher than necessary utility costs, and United wants to help you find great long-term value. Most garage furnaces require minimal maintenance and expense compared to larger heating systems for homes, and United can help with repairs, new installations or regular upkeep.