Gas and Electric Furnace Systems

Forced-air furnace systems typically require electricity or gas for power, and United has extensive experience handling both electrical and gas-powered furnaces. As a homeowner you desire peace of mind concerning your furnace system, and shoddy work or incomplete repairs can lead to breakdowns, equipment failures and costly repair bills. Instead of gambling on the other HVAC service providers in the area, have United handle your gas and electric systems. Customers know they can count on United for transparent billing, high-quality equipment and expert service through every step of any project.

Before beginning any work, a United technician will perform an extensive checkup of the existing system to determine the best solution. Some newer systems may only require repairs and routine maintenance while older systems may warrant replacement. Whatever the case may be, United is committed to honest business and providing value to customers, so we’ll begin with a straightforward quote that outlines the labor, parts and service cost of any project. If you currently have an electrical system but a gas-powered system would provide a better return on your investment, we’ll make the appropriate recommendations to find a solution that works for you in the long run. Gas and electric systems require expert attention, so count on the craftsmen at United to handle your next project.