Heater Broken? 5 Ways to Stay Warm Until the Furnace Repairman Comes

Snow and ice can seem like a winter wonderland from the safe haven of your warm, cozy home in Kansas City. When your furnace stops working, the weather can turn visions of sugarplums into a freezing cold nightmare. Losing heat can be uncomfortable or even dangerous, depending on the conditions outside.

In addition to the discomfort you feel when you lose heat, your furnishings and fixtures could also suffer from the cold or get ruined entirely. Floorboards can buckle and there is always the danger of pipes freezing.


Smart Glass Technology Improves HVAC Services for Modern Customers

Automotive companies like Porsche are investing in smart glass tech because these systems allow them to perform better service in a much shorter time than ever before. These benefits aren’t restricted to any one industry, however. Many service-based industry leaders are turning to smart glass technology for the benefits these systems offer to both service providers and their customers, and the heating, cooling and plumbing industry is no exception.

There are several reasons comfort service professionals are investing in new smart glass technology. Having the ability to record, stream and store service calls is a great way for heating and cooling companies to provide customers with better results in less time.


Smart Glass Enables Much Faster HVAC Service

Prior to modern smart glass technology, a service call may require a complex diagnosis from experts who aren’t on-site. Instead of playing phone tag and waiting for the people you need to arrive at a job site, smart glass technology can allow a service technician to seamlessly connect with other experts via live video feed and provide real-time updates of a customer’s situation. The technician can get the advice or second opinion necessary to complete the job quicker and more effectively than ever before, thanks to this technology.

Smart Glass Offers Greater Transparency

Modern customers want to know they can trust the professionals they hire for complicated services. HVAC professionals who offer video feeds and service call recordings can show customers exactly what type of work was completed, and the customer can watch the video feed to not only learn more about the process behind the work, but also have peace of mind knowing that the technician was actually working on the equipment.

Smart Glass Recordings Create a Robust HVAC Service Record 

Having a documented video of a previous job or service call makes it simple for the customer or the technician to refer back to that job if necessary. Having easy access to a complete, detailed record of past service calls allows heating, cooling and plumbing technicians to address new concerns more thoroughly.

Fewer HVAC Industry Professionals Means Higher Demand

As fewer people enter HVAC technician jobs than in previous generations, companies are looking for new ways to provide service. Smart glass technology can prevent the need for additional bodies on a job site by offering a live look at the job at hand. A technician on a service call can easily connect with coworkers, supervisors or other experts to offer advice in real time, instead of arranging for multiple visits and slowing down progress on the job.

Smart Glass Tech Offers a Wealth of Training Opportunities

Smart glass technology is perfect for recording jobs for future reference, but having a recording of a job also allows the technician and his or her employer to take screenshots, edit clips, create training materials for new employees, compile reference guides for specific issues, and much more.

The Bottom Line on Smart Glass Tech for Heating, Cooling and Plumbing

Customers expect fast, efficient service, and a dwindling heating, cooling and plumbing workforce could have trouble keeping pace with demand without investing in modern technology. Smart glass offers many distinct benefits that no HVAC company should ignore. Most modern HVAC service providers rely on regular business from local customers, and they can build stronger bonds with customers and offer better service overall with smart glass technology.

United Heating, Cooling & Plumbing customers receive video documentation of the service work performed. Contact us to learn more.


4 Things to Know When Buying a Replacement Furnace

It’s the time of year when family and friends start to gather together under the same roof. Homes are made ready for guests from across the country and decadent dinner recipes are planned. However, any holiday cheer you might look forward to could quickly hit a bump in the road if your furnace stops working. 

Wisdom tells you that the best time to shop for a replacement furnace in Kansas City is before your old one breathes its last breath. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to make an informed decision. Your new furnace is an investment for the future, so a bit of research is a smart idea. To ensure you make the right choice on your next furnace, you should know at least four things before deciding how to buy a furnace: