Is It Time to Replace Your Inefficient Furnace or Air Conditioner Unit?

Nobody likes to cough up the dough for new household appliances. An unexpected expense like replacing a furnace or AC unit can put stress on your mind and your wallet.

People often fail to realize that the painful one-time cost of buying a new unit can be a serious blessing in disguise. If your furnace, air conditioner or indoor air quality unit is more than 10 years old, a sudden breakdown could actually save you money.


How Cost Effective Are Heated Floor Systems?

Back in the day heated floors were reserved for the wealthiest and most lavish of characters – your standard Daddy Warbucks or James Bond types.

No more. We’re bringing futuristic luxury direct to the people.


Winter Brings Air Quality Challenges

Wintertime makes us want to lock the doors and hibernate like bears, especially on those extra cold Kansas City days. Unfortunately, lots of time staying cozy indoors could also mean breathing low quality air.

Sore, itchy eyes, a burning sensation in the nose and throat, headaches and even fatigue can be attributed to indoor air pollutants. For some, air pollutants create or worsen allergies, respiratory illnesses, heart disease, cancer and other serious long-term conditions. In a worse case scenario, carbon monoxide (an air pollutant) can cause death.